Acidic Fertilizer

Acidic Fertilizer is a kind of amino acid fertilizer with low ph value.They are specially suitable the plant which need acidic soil environment.It protect and help the organic material grow in soil,Organic matter is the base and important part in field.Acidic fertilizer supply activity group to the soil.

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Acidic Fertilizer

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Beacon acidic fertilizer is based amino acid fertilizer, it contains 17-18 types of free amino acids.

Alanine: increase the synthesis of chlorophyll, regulate open stomata, and have a resistance to pathogens;

Arginine: enhance root development and is a precursor of plant endogenous hormone polyamine synthesis, improve the salt tolerance of crops;

Aspartic acid: increase seed germination, protein synthesis, and provide nitrogen during growth during stress;

Cysteine: sulfur containing amino acids that maintain cellular function and act as antioxidants;

Glutamate: reduce nitrate content in crops; increase seed germination, promote leaf photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll biosynthesis;

Glycine: It has a unique effect on photosynthesis of crops, which is good for crop growth, increasing sugar content of crops, natural metal chelating agents;

Histidine: regulate stomatal opening and provide a precursor of carbon skeleton hormone, a catalytic enzyme for cytokinin synthesis;

Isoleucine and leucine: a precursor substance that enhances resistance to salt stress, enhances pollen vigor and germination, and aroma;

Lysine: enhance chlorophyll synthesis and increase drought tolerance;

Methionine: a precursor of the plant endogenous hormone ethylene and polyamine synthesis;

Phenylalanine: a precursor substance that promotes the synthesis of lignin and anthocyanin synthesis;

Proline: increase plant tolerance to osmotic stress, increase plant stress resistance and pollen vigor;

Serine: participate in cell tissue differentiation and promote germination;

Threonine: improve tolerance and insect pest damage, and improve humification process;

Tryptophan: a precursor of endogenous hormone auxin indole acetic acid synthesis to enhance the synthesis of aromatic compounds;

Tyrosine: increase drought tolerance and increase pollen germination;

Proline: improve seed germination rate and improve crop flavor.

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Packing Of Acidic Fertilizer:

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Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Acidic Fertilizer:

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Storage Of Acidic Fertilizer:


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Beacon Documents:

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Beacon Analysis Report:

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