Amino Acid Tablet Fertilizer

Amino acid fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer, which changes the traditional application of farmers cumbersome, as long as the foam fertilizer directly into the paddy field, can save labor and time. Root system elongation more than one time, the ability to absorb water and fertilizer increased by one time, the effect of yield increase is very obvious, can also be used for spraying. Effervescent foliar fertilizer can be uniformly dissolved in paddy fields within 10 minutes, and its yield increase effect on rice, yangko, soybean, corn, vegetable, melon and fruit reaches 30-70%.

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Beacon multi trace-elements effervescent tablet fertilizer is a new type efficient trace-elements fertilizer in effervescent tablet form, dissolves in water easily and quickly. It is very easy to be absorbed by crops with amino acid and trace element. It can prevent and treat diseases caused by lack of trace-elements. High concentration of trace elements promote better growth and health in crops. It is compatible with most foliar fertilizers, and can be used as foliar spray or fertigation fertilizer. It is an important functional nutrient supplement for fertilizer reduction and efficiency improvement and crop quality improvement.

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amino acid tablet



1)Complement micro elements that crops need, eliminate the physiological diseases caused by micro elements deficiency.

2)Enhance crops photosynthetic efficiency, promote chlorophyll formation.

3)Enhance crops capability of disease resistance, drought resistance and coldness resistance.

4)Increase fruit setting ratio, prevent from flower and fruit dropping, promote fruit  expanding.

5)Promote crops growth, improve quality of crops and increase field. 


1)It is available in 5gx50tablet .It is also be customized according to the label provided by the customer


1)Put 1 amino acid tablet of fertilizer into 2 liter of water

2)Dissolve into nutrient solution and then pour root into the plant ( take pot with diameter of 18cm as an example ,use 200ml at a time ).

3)Use this product once every 5-7 days



In a cool and dry place,keep from direct sunlight or frozen.

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