Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables is series kind of nature nutrition special for Vegetables, Such as potato,tomato,eggplant,bean,and cucumber.They help the vegetables grow healthy,avoid disease,avoid drop flowers,increase fruit set rate.Organic fertilizer make all vegetables with nature taste.

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Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

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Organic fertilizer for vegetables is a green, pure organic natural pollution-free and efficient organic fertilizer based on amino acid, which is twice the nutrients of manure fertilizer. The quality is better, the effect is more obvious, and the stamina lasts longer.

It can be used as soil conditioner, plant nutrition agent and plant regulator. It is rich in a variety of bioactive substances, a large number of nutrient elements and organic matter, can greatly promote crop growth and development, flower and fruit protection, enhance stress resistance, improve yield, improve quality, is the preferred product of high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency agriculture.


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Packing Of Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables:

It is available in following pack:  

Packing available

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Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables:

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Storage Of Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables:


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Beacon Documents:

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