Amino Acids In Powder form

Amino acids in powder form is a powder amino acid complex. It includes hydrolysis and enzyme type from process, and includes animal and plant/vegetal from origin. It is rich amino acids, organic matter, organic nitrogen, peptides and other nutrition. It is widely applied on agriculture.

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Amino Acids In Powder Form


Amino acids in powder form is the important additive material to the agricultural fertilizer.The functions and advantages of amino acid fertilizers are 9 points:

1. Amino acids can promote photosynthesis in plants.

2. Amino acids have good nutritional effects.

3. Fertilizer is quick.

4. Improve crop quality.

5. Clean and pollution-free, improve the ecological environment.

6. Increased metabolic function and increased resistance to stress.

7. The roots are developed and the absorption is strong.

8. On vegetative growth of above ground parts

9. Effects on Yield and composition factors

Amino acids have different yield and composition factors for different crops. They can increase the yield of grain crops, such as more spikes, more grains, 1000-grain weight and so on. They have good effect on tillering and reducing vacancy rate in the early stage. Effects of amino acids on physiological metabolism and enzyme activities in crops

Amino acids can stimulate plant growth by increasing respiration rate, photosynthesis and enzymatic activity, so that fruit can be colored and ripened earlier, and high yield and value can be obtained.



Guaranteed Analysis Of Amino Acids In Powder Form


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Recommended Application Of Amino Acids In Powder Form 

Foliar spray: diluted by 1:600-800, Can blend with other fertilizer

Drip irrigation: diluted by 1:200-300, As root fertilizer and soil nutrition inputs.

Base fertilizer: 10-15Kgs/Ha

Packing Of Amino Acids In Powder Form:

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 Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Amino Acids In Powder Form:

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Storage Of Amino Acids In Powder Form:


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Beacon Documents Of Amino Acids In Powder Form:

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Beacon Analysis Report Of Amino Acids In Powder Form:

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