Organic Amino Acid Powder

Organic amino acid powder is a kind of green, organic fertilizer as foliar spray fertilizer for kinds of crops. It can help crop healthy growth, improve quality of crop, increase yield of crop. It is a wonderful organic product used on organic farming, organic agriculture, etc.

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Product Details

Organic Amino Acid Powder


Organic amino acid powder is a bio-organic nutritional product derived from vegetable source (Soya) required for plant growth promotion and for higher yields.

It promotes hormonal activity and induces their synthesis resulting into flowering and fruit setting.

It also reduces the flower and fruit drop caused by hormonal imbalance.

It enhances nutritional uptake and their utilization which improves the color, size, luster and taste of fruits.

It is an ideal product to resist from adverse conditions.



Guaranteed Analysis Of Organic Amino Acid Powder


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Recommended Application Of Organic Amino Acid Powder

Foliar spray: diluted by 1:600-800, Can blend with other fertilizer

Drip irrigation: diluted by 1:200-300, As root fertilizer and soil nutrition inputs.

Base fertilizer: 10-15Kgs/Ha


Packing Of Organic Amino Acid Powder:

It is available in following pack:  

Packing available

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Bulk Packing and Package Process:

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Storage  Of Organic Amino Acid Powder:


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Beacon Documents  Of Organic Amino Acid Powder:

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 Beacon Analysis Report  Of Organic Amino Acid Powder:

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