Raw Amino Acid Powders

Raw amino acid powders is a kind of organic fertilizer additive. It can be added into powder or liquid fertilizer production process easily. It is popular and important raw material & fertilizer in agriculture.

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Raw Amino Acid Powders


There are many kinds of amino acid powder in beacon company, They are from high quality concentrated liquid, The amino acids are plant nutrients.

Amino acids are essential nutrients for plant growth. Because amino acids are rich in protein, protein is an indispensable nutrient for people and animals, less protein, people and animals can not grow and develop normally. Therefore, plants can not grow normally without them. Because of the characteristics of amino acid itself, it has a unique role in promoting plant growth, especially photosynthesis, especially glycine, which can increase chlorophyll content, enzymatic activity, promote carbon dioxide penetration, make photosynthesis more vigorous, improve crop quality, and increase the content of VC and sugar. Various nutrient elements and substances are needed in the process of crop growth and development. The proportion of these nutrient elements and substances absorbed and their balance in the body have a great impact on the nutritional physiology of crops. They can directly affect the quality of crop fruits. It is the key component to solve this problem that plants spray or irrigate amino acids. The nutrient liquid fertilizer can increase all kinds of nutrient elements needed by plants, increase the accumulation of dry matter and the speed and quantity of transporting from roots or leaves to other parts of plants, regulate the proportion and balance of a large number of elements, trace elements and various nutrients, so as to regulate the normal growth of plants.



Guaranteed Analysis Of Raw Amino Acid Powders


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Recommended Application Of Raw Amino Acid Powders

Foliar spray: diluted by 1:600-800, Can blend with other fertilizer

Drip irrigation: diluted by 1:200-300, As root fertilizer and soil nutrition inputs.

Base fertilizer: 10-15Kgs/Ha


Packing Of Raw Amino Acid Powders:

It is available in following pack: 

Packing available

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Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Raw Amino Acid Powders:

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Storage Of Raw Amino Acid Powders:


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 Beacon Documents:

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Beacon Analysis Report:

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