Organic Amino Acid Granules Fertilizer

Organic amino acid granules fertilizer is refined from corn as the major raw material without adding any chemical substances, made through spraying granulation process after the concentration of the bio-fermentation and refinery of MSG extract. It is a new type organic nitrogen fertilizer, and it's harmless, efficient, green organic fertilizer.

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Product Details

Organic Amino Acid Granules Fertilizer


This product is a kind of environment-friendly fertilizer with high active amino acid, good absorption efficiency, and safe application. The full nutrition granular will release nutrition after water or after rain. It contains organic matter, Amino acid and organic nitrogen, Help the soil breath healthy. Increase the organic material in the soil.



Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)


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Application Use

Amino Acids and Peptides

Fertilizer on leaves

Drip Application

Soil application

Soil Nutrition



50kgs/ Acre field

Packing Of Organic Amino Acid Granules Fertilizer:

It is available in following pack:

Packing available

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Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Amino Acid Granules Fertilizer:

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Storage Of  Amino Acid Granules Fertilizer :


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