Amino acid fertilizer related knowledge

- Sep 11, 2018 -

There are currently no national standards for fertilizers containing amino acids. As the smallest molecule constituting protein, amino acid exists in fertilizers and has the characteristics of being easily absorbed by crops. It also has the function of improving the disease resistance of fertilized objects and improving the quality of fertilized crops. It supplements the essential amino acids of plants, stimulates and regulates the rapid growth of plants, promotes the growth of plants and promotes the absorption of nutrients. Enhance the metabolic function of plants, increase photosynthesis, promote the development of plant roots, and accelerate plant growth and reproduction.

Amino acids are produced by spray drying of various marine fish processing plants, cooking water as raw materials, microbial fermentation, acid-base hydrolysis treatment. This product is the nutrient lost during the processing of fishmeal. The nutrient composition is similar to fishmeal and contains 18 kinds of free amino acids. The total amount of all amino acids is about 72.1%.

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