Compound amino acid feed introduction

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. After the special amino acid is spray-dried by special process, it is bulky and light, and the weight is only half of that of ordinary feed. It is especially suitable for the production of puffed aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, sea fish open material;

2. The compound amino acid can supplement the most effective 20% nutrient component lost during the processing of fishmeal, or supplement the non-complete fish-processed fishmeal with incomplete nutritional amino acids, containing a variety of nutrient-rich amino acid active ingredients necessary for animals, which can be supplemented. A variety of essential amino acids, especially to make up for the essential amino acids that are easily lacking in conventional feed ingredients and plant feeds, and to use the "cask effect" principle of balanced amino acids to synergize other nutrients;

3. The complex amino acid powder contains a variety of nutrients which are completely dissolved in water after being fermented by microorganisms, which is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of aquatic animals. It can replace the fish meal supplement nutrition suitable for aquatic animals to eat, rapid growth, special aquatic products instead of fishmeal savings. The cost is significant;

4, the complex amino acid rich in cystine, tyrosine, serine can promote the growth of livestock and poultry fur, the skin of the pig is ruddy, the hair color is bright, the yellow chicken can increase the color of the hair color, the color of the chicken feet;

5, flavoring and freshening, promote animal appetite, complex amino acid glutamate content, has a regulating taste, promote animal appetite, aquatic feed can replace betaine to increase the palatability of feed.

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