What is chelated fertilizer?

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Chelates are chemically called complexes, which are cyclic structures formed by the attachment of a macromolecular ligand to a central metal atom. Organic molecular compounds that can chelate with metal ions are called chelating agents, or ligands. The chelating agent selectively captures certain metal ions in the cells of the plant and releases the metal ions in an appropriate amount when necessary. Because chelating agents have the ability to "smoke" (swallow or capture) "longitudinal" (spit or release) of metal ions, it is easier and more reasonable for crops to absorb nutrients. Therefore, it bears the role of the command in the plant body, balancing the nutrient supply between roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits, so that the plants thrive. Therefore, the application of chelating agents in fertilizer production is another revolution in agricultural production.

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