Amino Acid Fluid Fertilizer

Amino acid fluid fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer, which uses amino acid as chelating agent to chelate macro, medium and trace elements. It is free from the interference of various ions. It can be sprayed on the leaf surface or underground, absorb quickly and utilize efficiently. It can better supplement various physiological deficiencies due to the unbalanced fertilizer supply of fruit trees, vegetables and crop.

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Product Details

Amino Acid Fluid Fertilizer


Amino acid fluid fertilizer is a product containing plant source amino acids. 100% Nature,The product is important in plant nutrition for increased yields, precocity,and quality in all crops.Amino acids act an natural stimuators for biological activity. They greatly inflence rapid fixation of carbonic anhydride for photosynthesis,while producing a reglatory and balanced end-cellular activity.The balance of amino acids results in an increased efficiency of protein formation, fertility of pollen, and resistance to cold weather stress.

The high Glycine content of the product (which constitutes the first link in the synthesis of chlorophyll), plus Proline, Alanine, and Arginine are an important source of Nitrogen. These amino acids provide a “value added” protein Nitrogen which is essential for balancing the four forms of Nitrogen in crop inputs, contributing to the savings of nitrogenous fertilizing requirements. The high levels of Aspartic Acid and Glutamic Acid are extremely important in this product as these amino acids are the precursors for the formation of several other amino acids internally in the plant.




Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)




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Application Use

Amino Acids and Peptide

Fertilizer on leaves

Drip Application

Soil Conditioner

Liquid Nutrition

1:600--800 Dilute for Spray Application

15 – 25 L
Interval 2 weeks for growth stage


Application on soil



1:800-1000 Times spray on soil.


Packing Of Amino Acid Fluid Fertilizer:


Bulk Packing and Package Process Of  Amino Acid Fluid Fertilizer:

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Storage Of Amino Acid Fluid Fertilizer:


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