Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Amino acid liquid fertilizer is a green organic fertilizer in liquid form. It is of high active amino acid, good absorption efficiency, and safe application. It can increase agricultural crops nutrition,regulate the soil condition, enhance the crops resistance, etc. It can be directly used or complexed with macroelements and microelements.

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Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer


This product is a kind of environment-friendly fertilizer with high active amino acid, good absorption efficiency, and safe application. Crops absorb nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by amino acid chelation. Amino acid liquid fertilizer is not disturbed by various ions. It can be sprayed on the leaves or applied underground to absorb quickly and has a high utilization rate. It can better supplement fruit trees, vegetables and crops due to the imbalance of soil fertilizer supply caused by various physiological deficiencies.It can promote rooting, flowering, fruit setting, anti-cracking, color-enhancing effect, and has good stress resistance, especially can make the injured plants grow quickly.



Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)




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Application Use

Amino Acids and Peptide

Fertilizer on leaves

Drip Application

Soil application

Liquid Organic fertilizer

1:600--800 times for leaf Application

15 – 25 L
Interval 7-10 days


Soil Nutrition





Packing Of  Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer:



Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer:

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Storage Of Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer:


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