Liquid Aminos Nutrition

Liquid aminos nutrition is a kind of natural biostimulant. It combines all kinds of nutrient elements reasonably in the process of crop growth. It can increase the chlorophyll content of crops, enhance photosynthesis of crops, and supplement various nutrient elements to meet the nutrient needs of the whole crop growth process.

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Product Details

Liquid Aminos Nutrition


Liquid aminos nutrition can increase the fringing root formation in plants. It enables plants to grow fast, healthy and strong. It encourages flowering to be smooth, high number of fruits and high quality. It allows the plants to use the nutrients they use together faster.
It is a high quality protein source that will relieve and accelerate plant recovery under all kinds of adverse conditions. Plants can not produce enough amino acids that they need in extreme hot and cold periods. Under these conditions, the plant suddenly enters the stressed condition.

This makes it resistant to stress conditions like High temperature, low humidity, frost, insect damage, full damage, such as flood, reduces the quality and quantity of the product, with a negative effect on plant metabolism. Before, during and after the stress conditions occur, the stress physiology problems of the plants are prevented and improved.



Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)




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Application Use

Amino Acids and Peptides

Fertilizer on leaves

Drip Application

Soil Conditioner

Organic nutrition

Dilute 600-800 times spray on the face and back of leaf

20 – 25 L
Interval 2 weeks for growth



Soil fertilizer



600-700 times for the soil applicationi


Packing Of Liquid Aminos Nutrition:


Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Liquid Aminos Nutrition:

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Storage Of Liquid Aminos Nutrition:


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