Liquid Bio-stimulant

Liquid bio-stimulant is a natural amino acid stimulant. As a natural liquid nutrition, it can enhance the activity of some enzymes in plants and regulate some plant growth regulators and biochemical processes in plants. It can induce plant defense responses and improve plant tolerance to abiotic stresses.

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Product Details

Liquid Bio-Stimulant


Liquid bio-stimulant is a kind of products include stimulants material---Amino acids material. As a nature liquid nutrition, It have the following benefit, Stimulates activities of soil microorganism, Promotes root growth, improve root absorption capacity, Increases crop yield and quality, Increases absorption of nutrients through leaves and roots, Promotes plant growth and nutrient transport, Improves plant resistance against the environment, such as drought, saline, temperature, natural disasters and so on

6.Improves the survival rate of transplanting, strong seedlings, Preserves moisture and fertility, promote soil beneficial microbial reproduction, improve the soil and protect soil ecological environment.



Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)


Application Use

Amino Acids Peptides

Fertilizer on leaves

Drip Application

Soil Conditioner

Organic nutrition

Dilute 600-800 times spray on the face and back of leaf

20 – 25 L
Interval 2 weeks for growth stage



Soil fertilizer



600-700 times for the soil applicationi


Packing Of Liquid Bio-Stimulant:



Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Liquid Bio-Stimulant:

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Storage Of Liquid Bio-Stimulant:


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Beacon Documents:

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