Organic Bio-nutrient

Organic bio-nutrient is rich in organic matter and balanced nutrient proportion. It can promote the growth of green organic vegetables and fruits, and can enhance the resistance of plants and promote root growth.

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Product Details

Organic bio-nutrient


It is rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium,, boron, zinc, molybdenum, copper, manganese, iron and other trace elements, as well as amino acids and water-soluble proteins.


The main benefits as follosing:

1. Significantly enhance crop resistance to diseases and insect pests, cold resistance and drought resistance.

2. Green environmental protection, no hormones, no poison, no pollution, no drug residue.

3. Make and increase soil nutrients and convert nutrients that exist in nature into a state that can be absorbed by plants.

4. Suitable for all kinds of soil types, can be applied to all kinds of crops, vegetables, fruits, trees, pastures, turf, etc.

5. Can be used as top dressing, while significantly improving crop quality and increasing yield.



Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)


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Application Use 

Amino Acids and peptide

Fertilizer on leaves

Drip Application


Organic nutrition

Dilute 600-800 times spray on the face and back of leaf

20 – 25 L
Interval 2 weeks for growth



Soil fertilizer



600-700 times for the soil applicationi


Packing Of Organic Bio-nutrient:



Bulk Packing and Package Process Of Organic Bio-nutrient:

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Storage Of Organic Bio-nutrient:


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Beacon Documents:

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Beacon Analysis Report:

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