Amino Acid Water Soluble Fertilizer Precautions

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Amino acid water-soluble fertilizer is a new generation of high-tech, multi-functional and environmentally-friendly amino acid liquid fertilizer produced by bio-fermentation technology and membrane enrichment technology. It is rich in active peptides, amino acids, calcium elements and natural growth active substances. The amino acid water-soluble fertilizer is a good plant calcium supplement. It has been promoted by multiple experiments and has significant rooting, seedling growth, strong rod, stress resistance, crack prevention, yield increase, high quality, etc., and can be widely used in facility agriculture. And green agriculture.


1. Avoid using it under high temperature or strong sunlight. It needs to be sprayed within 6 hours after use.

2. If there is sediment in the storage, please shake it and use it without affecting the effect.

3. This product can be mixed with pesticides, but it needs to be used now.

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