Biological Stimulation By Amino Acid Fertilizer (4)

- Dec 13, 2018 -

The function of amino acid fertilizer.

1. High content, complete nutrition, long fertilizer effect, fast fertilizer effect and high absorption efficiency

2. Improve the ecological environment of crops, control diseases and insect pests, and resist heavy stubble.

3. Eliminate hardening and avoid deep ploughing to regenerate fertilizer

4, the product can completely in the production process to improve the quality of the crop, increase production effect is obvious, fewer pests, stem ye, long accused of flourishing, grain, high output, to restore the natural flavor, good taste, high sugar content, amino acid content is high, completely solve the crop seedling prosperous long, medium-term weakness, later to take off the fat not strong enough for the fundamental problem.

Effect of amino acid fertilizer on crops

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