Biological Stimulation By Amino Acid Fertilizer (7)

- Dec 18, 2018 -

Application of amino acid biostimulant hormone Ⅰ

Generally think that protein is made up of more than 51 amino acid, is usually composed of 11 ~ 50 amino acid called peptides, will be composed of 2 ~ 10 amino acids called oligopeptide (also known as low poly peptide, small peptide), a single amino acid is also called the free amino acid, the relative molecular weight of the minimum of the free amino acid in theory thinks the smaller molecular weight, the more easy to be absorbed, but may not be quite so, more than ten kinds of free amino acids in the process of absorbed by plants will have competition and antagonism, as we know 16 kinds of nutrient elements, promote each other, competition, antagonism.

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