China Liquid Fertilizer Market Broke Out

- Jan 25, 2019 -

on January 9th, at the "2019 China Liquid Fertilizer Innovation Development Forum" held in Bohai New District, Hebei Province, a new consensus was emerging - the liquid fertilizer market broke out soon. The reshuffle and major changes in the fertilizer industry are just around the corner, and the development of the liquid fertilizer industry has ushered in an accelerated period.

Chen Shengdou, former director of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center and president of the China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association, said in his speech that the supply of green agricultural products should be strengthened, and the reduction of inputs, the recycling of waste and the mechanization of production models should be realized. Promote the sustainable development of agriculture. From the technical point of soil and fertilizer water, it is scientific fertilization, precise fertilization, and water-saving irrigation. Liquid fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer product with energy saving and environmental protection. It has the characteristics of flexible formula, strong function, balanced nutrition, easy to use and high utilization rate. It has broad development prospects.

Bai Youlu, a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has proposed a zero-growth action on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to encourage the development of new fertilizers. With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, the impact of fertilizer on the environment has been paid more and more attention. It is an important indicator to reduce losses and improve utilization. Environmentally friendly fertilizers will be an important development direction. Among them, water-soluble fertilizer is one of the fastest growing varieties of new fertilizers. In the future, as China's agricultural facilities continue to improve, water-soluble fertilizers will usher in a broader space for development.

Dr. Tu Panfeng from South China Agricultural University said that in addition to the advantages of liquid fertilizer itself, the unique marketing and marketing model of liquid fertilizer and agrochemical technology services can effectively solve the problem of labor inefficiency in agricultural development, and is suitable for modernization and intensive agriculture. Chemical and intelligent development is a fertilizer that adapts to the development trend of the future era.

Zhou Rong, chief expert of the China Irrigation and Drainage Association, stressed: "Fertilizing to solve the nutritional needs of plants, irrigation to solve the water demand of plants, water and fertilizer are accompanied by water and fertilizer is essential." He said that the current imperfect irrigation system in China is restricting the development of water and fertilizer integration. One of the main factors is to promote intelligent automatic control of irrigation systems, timely, moderate and efficient irrigation, and also use multi-information sensing collection, Internet big data transmission, storage, computer analysis and processing, and scientific decision-making system to create Internet of Things (IOT). ) Irrigation control system.

China Liquid Fertilizer

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