Crop Fertilization Should Pay Attention To Trace Elements

- Jan 09, 2019 -

1. Trace elements are not only the main components of coenzymes in plants, but also inducers of plants to produce various defensins.

2. Entering the trace elements in the plant can effectively repair the cellular tissue of the injured part, prompting it to restore physiological functions as soon as possible, so that it can grow healthily.

3. Trace elements can increase the activity of enzymes (oxidases) in plants and strengthen their self-defense ability. For example, copper and manganese are effective factors for sterilization and deworming, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of rice blast.

4. Trace elements can inhibit the spread of development factors of various pathogenic bacteria (including soil-borne bacteria) and protect crops from these bacteria.

5. Trace elements can also stimulate the activity of various enzymes in plants, greatly increase the level of nitrogen metabolism, and concentrate the content of tannin in the leaves, which can comprehensively improve the disease resistance and anti-aging ability of crops.

6. There are several kinds of trace elements or photosynthesis carriers. The light energy and heat energy of the sun can be converted into electric energy and chemical energy through the transfer of trace elements, and finally transformed into the fruits we need.

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