Congratulations On The Establishment Of China Fertilizer Industry Green Development And Innovation Alliance

- Nov 16, 2018 -

On November 9, the China Fertilizer Industry Green Development Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) led by China Agricultural University and the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center was established in Ningbo, Zhejiang. More than 60 units from the fertilizer industry organizations and academic groups, agricultural research and extension institutions, domestic leading enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises, as the sponsors, talked about the implementation plan of the alliance and reached the Fertilizer Green Development Proposal.

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China is not only a big agricultural country but also a big fertilizer country. In view of the large quantity of fertilizers in China, low quality, low resource utilization rate and poor sustainability, it is urgent to establish an integrated platform of politics, production, learning, research and use to systematically update the entire chain of fertilizers and integrate industries and industries. The power to overcome common technical problems in the manufacturing, distribution, service, and application of fertilizers, and promote the green development of the entire industry chain.

Deputy Director of Plantation Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhu Enlin said that in the face of the intensified competition in the domestic and international markets and the status quo of structural reforms in the domestic agricultural supply side, the establishment of the National Fertilizer Industry Green Development Technology Innovation Alliance is not only necessary for the situation, but also a mission. He hopes that in the future, the alliance will be able to aggregate industrial forces, demand-oriented, accelerate technological innovation and product testing, and complement the shortcomings in the development of the fertilizer industry.

Wang Fuxiang, deputy director of the National Agricultural Technology Center, believes that the key period of the transformation and upgrading of the fertilizer industry is that the establishment of the alliance can play a leading role in scientific research, education and large-scale key enterprises, increase the proportion of green new fertilizers, and expand new ways of efficient fertilization. .

Zhang Fusuo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, proposed that as a national and public welfare fertilizer research platform, the alliance was established to truly solve the key problems common to the fertilizer industry and the industry. He hopes that member units can learn from each other, play and drive leading enterprises in the industry. The role of role models to expand the influence of the alliance.

According to the introduction of the Alliance Preparatory Group, in the future, the Alliance will carry out collaborative innovation from four aspects: green manufacturing, green circulation and services, green application, green strategy and policy, strengthen industry exchanges, solve technical shortcomings, focus on talent training, and explore suitable for new agriculture. The agrochemical service model of the business entity will open up all aspects of agricultural production and create comprehensive solutions involving fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural machinery.

Xiu Xuefeng, vice president of China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association, read the "Fertilizer Green Development Proposal" on behalf of the Alliance, calling on member units to respond to the call of national collaborative innovation and open innovation, and strive to achieve the goal of national agricultural green development and strive to be green in agricultural industry. The practitioners and promoters of health and sustainable development contribute to the realization of the dream of China's centennial rejuvenation.

Beacon, as one of agrochemicals fertilizer suppliers in domestic market and international market, has been dedicated to the fertilizer green development and continue to provide organic and green fertilizer to sustainable agriculture.

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