How Do You Apply Amino Acid Fertilizer?

- Nov 22, 2018 -

Amino acid water soluble fertilizer is a kind of environment-friendly fertilizer, which is made of agricultural and sideline products, animal and plant remains as the main raw materials, and is processed through some production techniques such as concentration of biological fermentation Ken membrane. Amino acid water-soluble fertilizer is rich in active peptides, active peptides, amino acids, calcium, and natural growth active substances, which can effectively stimulate the growth and development of crops, improve the enzyme activity in crops, enhance the resistance of crops to diseases, and have the effects of rooting, preserving flowers and fruits, etc.

So, how do you use amino acid water soluble fertilizer to make crops more effective?

Method of application of amino acid fertilizer

1. Use amino acid water solution fertilizer 1:500, spray the roots and seedlings evenly with the sprayer, do not spray too much, just evenly.

2. When the seedling grows to 20-30cm, add root fertilizer once, use 10ml per mu, and use proportion 1:8,000.

3. Spray 1:500 amino acid water soluble fertilizer after fruit setting (note: spray all over), 9ml raw liquid per mu, after 4:30 PM (note: avoid rainy days, morning and high temperature during spraying)

Amino acid nutrition

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