How Does Watermelon Leaf Face Fertilizer Spray Application Effect More Fiery

- Feb 13, 2019 -

Many farmers do not understand, why watermelon planting to spray leaf fertilizer? This is because watermelon is prone to nutrient deficiency, if the root fertilization is not ideal, the root of the watermelon can not well absorb nutrients, and this time it is urgent to supplement nutrition; Leaf spraying can be a good way to make up for the lack of root application, help watermelon restore nutrition, rapid development, alleviate the symptoms of deficiency.

Compared with root application, the effect period of foliar fertilizer was shorter, about two weeks. Farmer should choose compound foliar face fertilizer, because it contains diversiform nutrition element, include humic acid, amino acid, nitrogen phosphate potassium to wait, can promote nutrition to absorb effectively. The time and frequency of top dressing must be well controlled. About once every 10 days, farmers need the specific growth situation of rhizosphere watermelon to make scientific and reasonable adjustment.

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