How To Use Foliar Fertilizer

- Dec 04, 2018 -

The main function of foliar fertilization is to make up for the deficiency of soil fertilization, prevent premature plant aging and promote the balance of crop nutrition. Proper use of foliar fertilizer can increase crop yield, improve crop quality and enhance crop resistance. In order to improve the application effect of foliar fertilizer, the following points should be paid attention to:

First, be targeted. It is generally believed that, in the case of insufficient basal fertilizer, the foliar fertilizer mainly composed of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer should be selected. When base fertilizer is used adequately, should choose the foliar fertilizer that gives priority to with microelement, also can choose the foliar fertilizer that contains growth adjustment material according to the different need of crop. For example, in the bud stage of cotton spraying boron fertilizer to prevent falling buds and bells, increase fiber length and clothing content; Zinc fertilizer applied to rice and maize could prevent and cure rice stiff seedling and maize white seedling disease. Molybdenum fertilizer can increase oil content and protein content of peanut and soybean grown in acid soil of south China. The application of brassica lipid can make vegetables mature and market in advance, reduce the cellulose content, improve the taste and increase the sugar.

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Second, spray concentration to adapt. The application of foliar fertilizer must be strictly controlled, especially for foliar fertilizer containing growth regulators. For example, the concentration of 0.5 PPM to 1ppm can promote seed germination, but the concentration of more than 1ppm will have an inhibitory effect on seed germination. Therefore, spraying should be carried out in strict accordance with the concentration required by the application instructions of various foliar fertilizers.

third,Choose the best spraying time and location. In order to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in crops, the best spraying time is in the early morning or evening when the wind is not strong. In case of heavy rain after spraying, spray again. If it is a small area, it can be sprayed on the back of the leaf, because the back of the leaf absorbs nutrients faster than the surface.

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