Instructions For Use Of Liquid Fertilizers

- Feb 07, 2019 -

The product reaches the green organic food grade above (export standard), helps the farmer industry to upgrade, increases the income!!

Amino acid organic fertilizer can improve the nutrition of agricultural products.

Vegetables/fruits: 6-8kg/ muBottom fertilizer: root irrigation: 1:100 times; Foliar spraying :1: 300 times once every 7-10 days [jacket fruits: once every three times plus potassium dihydrogen phosphate 7%] yield increase effect :15-50% foliar vegetables more obvious.

Tea: 10kg/ mu (seedlings halved)Base fertilizer: 1:100 times 1kg/ mu per season (the dosage of new transplanted seedlings in half a year is reduced by 1:20 times)Note: spray 1: 300 times (every 10-15 days) for 1: 300 times (to help new young leaves grow) after picking. (it can be converted into an organic tea base within three years), sprout 5-10 days in advance, and harvest 1-2 rounds more. Increased yield :15-30% obvious effect, more green tawny 'and more foam resistant. Strong aroma.

Tobacco: it was used for about 7 times for a period of 70~80 days (6-8kg/ mu) in the growth stage.Once a half a month (once every 15 days) : 300 times. Mixed application (spraying) with potassium fertilizer one month before the harvest.Can improve the seedling disease resistance ability, lateral root developed, strong stem toughness, neat smoke seedling. Field tobacco plant can significantly improve the nutrition and growth level of tobacco leaves, regulate the metabolism function, promote the accumulation of dry matter in tobacco leaves, supplement trace elements, enhance its ability to resist diseases, improve the maturity of tobacco leaves, aroma temperament, aroma quantity, improve the flavor of tobacco leaves, effectively prevent Mosaic disease, bacterial disease and root disease. Yield increase effect :15-30%, superior tobacco leaves increased by more than 15%.

Fruit tree: 10kg/ mu (6-7 times a year)Basal fertilizer irrigation/fruit harvest, one time 1:100 times 1kg/ mu after pruning and root irrigation (half of seedlings 1:20 times) one time 1:250 times 1kg/ mu (plus 7% dihydrogen phosphate) 15 days before flowering. After hanging fruit once every half a month (about three to four times) 1:200 ~300 times 1kg/ mu.When applied, they bear fruit and flourish. The leaves are dark green and the photosynthesis is enhanced. Early maturity, good fruit color, high commodity value. Effective prevention of deficiency and a variety of diseases, delay the deciduous period, improve the nutrient absorption of fruit trees, a good control of large and small years. Increased yield :15%-30%

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