Production Method Of Seaweed Fertilizer

- Jan 24, 2019 -

Generally, it can be divided into chemical hydrolysis method (namely potassium hydroxide hydrolysis method), physical extraction method, biological fermentation method (namely enzyme degradation method), etc., as well as the fertilizer made up by scientific preparation of bioactive substances extracted from the waste of seaweed industry.


The extraction method has a great influence on the content of active substances and nutrients in the product. Even if the content of nutrients is the same, the content of active substances may vary greatly. Algae active ingredients can maintain its original state, its use effect is the best, the production of seaweed fertilizer is the best way to cold cell rupture, this technique can maximum keep the activity of the active substance, seaweed followed by biological degradation, can very good preservation activity of active substance, and chemical laws of hydrolysis was poor.

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