Six Major Trends In Future Fertilizer Development

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The development of high concentration to high efficiency is not equal to high efficiency, and improving the utilization rate of fertilizer is the basis of high efficiency. It reduces the adverse impact on the ecological environment caused by the loss of fertilizer. Improving the quality of agricultural products while improving crop yield is the goal of fertilizer development in China.

The use of ammonia water and other liquid fertilizers containing various nutrients such as biogas slurry and industrial organic wastewater as direct fertilizers for liquid development has the significant advantage of being able to be irrigated with water, convenient for application, and reduced in cost.

The slow-acting slow-acting fertilizer is mainly controlled by the dissolution and release rate of fertilizers, and then coordinated with the absorption process of crops, thereby improving the utilization rate of fertilizers and reducing the amount of fertilizers, which is very popular in developed countries.

The development of chemical fertilizer products for compounding and compounding cannot be stopped in a single element variety, but should be developed towards compounding and compounding. In the development of ternary compound fertilizer, according to different soils and crops in compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. Adding medium and trace elements to develop multi-element compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer.

In addition to providing essential nutrients for plants, the functional development of fertilizer products has other functions, such as insecticidal and bactericidal functions, herbicidal functions, and plant growth regulating functions.

To the development of eco-environmental development In China's agriculturally developed areas, due to the unreasonable overuse of chemical fertilizers, the imbalance of soil nutrients is very common, especially the phosphate fertilizer, its utilization rate is only about 20%, most of which is fixed by soil, using bio-fertilizer to decompose the soil. The fixed nutrients in the medium not only reduce the amount of fertilizer but also protect the ecological environment.

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