Hot Sale Soil Conditioner Amino Acid Shiny Granular/Ball

- Jan 11, 2019 -

Beacon amino acid shiny granular/ball is an organic soil conditioner. It is is made from natural plant and has high activity and long-lasting fertilizer efficiency. Beacon amino acid shiny granular/ball has high nitrogen and organic matter, also has humic acid, amino acid, which provide good nutrition to soil. It has uniform particles and high strength, matching with other granular fertilizers exactly, suitable for all kinds of soil especially alkaline soil.

soil conditioner amino acid round granular ball

Beacon amino acid shiny granular/ball can increase the utilization of fertilizers effectively in soil, prevent N, P, K from leaching or locking up, optimize soil structure, increase the capacities of the earth water holding, cation exchange and aeration, increase the contents of organic matters in soil, stimulate activities of soil microorganism, reduce pollutants in the soil, adjust the pH value of soil and relieve the harm caused by acid or alkaline.

Beacon amino acid shiny granular/ball has been selling to Korea, India, Pakistan, etc. Welcome your inquiry!

china soil conditioner granular fertilizer soil conditioner amino acid fertilizer

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