Spring Management Measures For Frozen Bananas

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Strip the frozen leaves. After the temperature rises in the spring, the leaves that have been frozen and dried are removed in time. If the top buds have been frozen, the leaves and leaves of the frozen parts should be peeled off until the survival point is seen to facilitate the extraction of the new shoots.

2. Timely fertilization promotes growth. After stripping the frozen leaves, timely apply and strengthen the long-term fertilizer, 150-200 grams of NPK fertilizer per plant, and apply 8-10 kg of manure and decomposed manure water to the surrounding plants. In order to rejuvenate the frozen plants, promote their fast-growing and fast-growing, and accelerate the thickening of long leaves.

3. Soil cultivation promotes root system. Before the temperature in the early spring has not stabilized, use the decomposed waste fertilizer, pond mud, fire-burning soil or other soil fertilizer to apply around the plant, 10-15 kg per plant to fertilize the soil, thicken the soil layer, and raise the soil. Warming, promoting root activity, improving absorption function, is conducive to restoring growth.

4. Promote robust sprouts. For plants that are severely damaged by freezing and have been frozen, if they can no longer produce new leaves, they should be cut off from the near ground, and then sprayed 2-3 times 500 times vitality, 5000 times Yunda-120, 1500 times. Shennongsu chelated fertilizer mixture, once every 7-10 days, to promote the re-extraction of new shoots.

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