Biological Stimulation By Humic Acid Fertilizers (5)

- Dec 28, 2018 -

The function of humic acid fertilizer Ⅱ

It has synergistic effect on p fertilizer: 

When p fertilizer is applied into the soil, the p element will be fixed by metal ions in the soil, and the fast p fertilizer will be converted into late p or ineffective p. The aromatic core, hydroxyl group, carboxyl group and other acidic functional groups in humic acid react with phosphorus to make them soluble phosphorus, which increases the activity of phosphorus and is easily absorbed by plants. According to statistics, the fertilizer efficiency of humic acid fertilizer can be increased by 5-10%.

Have synergistic effect to potash fertilizer: 

The functional group in humic acid still can absorb and store potassium ion, can prevent potassium ion to follow water loss in sandy soil already, can prevent the potassium of cohesive soil to fix again, can raise potassium fertilizer utilization rate 5% or so.

It has the function of water and fertilizer preservation:

Humic acid interacts with calcium ions in the soil to form a flocculent precipitated gel, which can cement the soil together and make the soil particles become a small reservoir and fertilizer reservoir of water and fertilizer preservation, increasing the soil gap, thus improving the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer.

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