The Role Of Amino Acid Fertilizer Is Really Amazing!

- Nov 30, 2018 -

Amino acid fertilizer uses plant amino acids as the matrix, and uses its huge surface activity and adsorption ability to maintain the nutrients needed for the growth and development of human plants(nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum, boron, etc.). Organic and inorganic complexes formed by overlapping and compounding. This kind of fertilizer can not only maintain the slow release and full utilization of a large number of elements, but also ensure the stability and long-term effect of trace elements. It has the good effect of enhancing plant respiration, improving plant Redox process and promoting plant metabolism. It can promote the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll, and it can promote and activate the physiological and biochemical processes such as oxidation activity, enzyme activity, seed germination, nutrient absorption, root growth and development. In particular, its affinity to plants is beyond any other substance.

So what exactly does amino acid fertilizer do to crops?

1.Early germination, high seedling rate
The application of amino acid humic acid can accelerate seed germination and increase the seedling rate, especially in early spring and low temperatures(generally 1 to 3 days early germination, the seedling rate increased by 10% to 30 %

2.Developed roots and strong absorption
Amino acids have a special role in promoting the root system development of crops. Many agronomists call amino acids "root fertilizer." The main effect on the root system is to stimulate the division and growth of root meristem cells, and to make seedlings grow. The number of roots and secondary roots increases. The increase in root volume and root elongation eventually lead to a greatly increased ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients.

amino acid fertilizer3. Effects on the growth of above-ground nutrients
On the basis of sufficient nutrient supply, the stimulative effect of amino acids can make some vegetative bodies grow vigorously on the ground of the plant, which is manifested in plant height, stem thickness, number of leaves, and dry matter accumulation.

4. Impact on production and composition factors

Amino acids have different yield and composition factors for different crops. They play an important role in increasing production of food crops, including many ears, many grains, and thousands of grains. The early stages have a good effect on tillering and reducing the vacancy rate.

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