Water And Fertilizer Integrated Irrigation Equipment Makes Agricultural Irrigation More Reasonable

- Dec 21, 2018 -

With the acceleration of land circulation in China and the strong demand for large-scale planting, combined with the current shortage of rural labor, water scarcity and soil ecological deterioration in China, traditional agricultural production methods need to be changed! Make full use of modern agricultural science and technology to promote agriculture in an industrialized way. The transformation of production mode is imperative! The water and fertilizer integrated irrigation equipment is based on sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation technology. It integrates irrigation and fertilization. According to soil moisture, crop fertilizer requirements and characteristics, the appropriate proportion of fertilizer and irrigation water will be exchanged. Together, the fertilizer is sprayed evenly, regularly, and quantitatively in the crop growing area. In the process of water and fertilizer supply, the most effective way of supply is how to realize the simultaneous supply of water and fertilizer, give full play to the interaction between the two, and provide the water to the crops while exerting the role of fertilizers to achieve the simultaneous supply of water and fertilizer. That is, water and fertilizer integrated irrigation equipment. Then, what is the integrated technology of water and fertilizer? In a narrow sense, it is to dissolve the fertilizer in the irrigation water and bring it to every crop in the field to meet the needs of crop growth and development. Such as fertilization through sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation pipelines. Saving fertilizer: Fertilizing through the drip irrigation system allows the asparagus to absorb nutrients while absorbing water. Fertilization, usually carried out simultaneously with irrigation, is achieved by injecting a fertilizer solution into the drip irrigation under pressure. The irrigation water with fertilizer is sprayed through the dripper to spray the fertilizer into the root area of the asparagus, which significantly improves the fertilizer utilization rate. Compared with conventional fertilization, it can save fertilizer: the dosage is 3%-5% or more. Drip irrigation can control the time and quantity of fertilization flexibly, conveniently and accurately. Based on the integrated water and fertilizer irrigation equipment, combined with intelligent soil monitoring, meteorological monitoring and artificial intelligence technology, combined with the monitoring of crop growth dynamics and the real-time status and accurate prediction of meteorological elements in crop growth areas, a local intelligent irrigation system is established. The crops need water to be irrigated, and the water is fertilized to achieve precise integration of water and fertilizer. Water and fertilizer integrated irrigation equipment is essential for big data and artificial intelligence technology, and all of this is based on reliable, massive and targeted local data, which should be collected in real time by reliable and easy-to-use monitoring equipment. Obtained, and finally analyzed and executed by an objective and professional brain, namely intelligent irrigation controller, and self-corrected and derived based on feedback.

Water and fertilizer integrated irrigation

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