what is amino acid chelated fertilizer?

- Nov 13, 2018 -

About chelation:

Chelation is a natural process in which metals are mixed with organic compounds. Plant cells absorb nutrients rapidly synthesized from organic acids, citric acid, humic acid, and amino acids. Chelation prevents nutrients from interacting with each other and from bonding to the soil. Chelating agents play a very important role in biological systems. Chelation effectively prevents nutrient loss in soil by binding metal nutrients rather than other unnecessary ions. It also ACTS as a micrometallic carrier (or as an isolating agent), allowing nutrients to flow freely in plants. In our product AMP, we simply took advantage of this natural process.

 amino acid fertilizer

About chelating fertilizer

Chelating fertilizer means that one or more nutrient elements are composed of complex and stable organic molecules called chelating agents. Both synthetic and natural organic compounds can form organometallic mixtures, some of which have biological activities, and amino acids are commonly used in agriculture.

Amino acid chelated fertilizer

1. Carry out complex production processes in the factory

2. Synthetic chelating fertilizer has been on the market for a long time, such as EDTA chelating fertilizer and humus chelating fertilizer, but amino acid chelating fertilizer is still a new project, and few countries are developing this project due to its complex production technology.

3. Amino acid chelating fertilizer is a product that USES amino acids as chelating agents to form stable, highly absorbable and permeable fertilizers.

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