Animal Amino Acid Powder 80 Fertilizer

Animal Amino Acid Powder 80 Fertilizer contain a variety of functional groups. Activated amino acids become highly effective bioactive substances, which stimulate the growth and development of crops and physiological metabolism in vivo. Activated amino acids have obvious stimulating effects on various crops by soaking seeds, soaking roots, dipping roots, spraying wine, irrigating and making base fertilizer at a certain concentration. Comprehensive performance in promoting root development, crop yield and quality have a good impact

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Animal Amino Acid Powder 80 Fertilizer


Beacon animal amino acid powder 80 fertilizer is a natural plant growth regulator with its high organic matter and high quality amino acid content. It is suitable for soil and foliar application. It is 100% organic bio-stimulant and foliar fertilizer.



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1)Provide healthy, speed and lush development of the plants.

2)Promote full flowering, increase number of fruits and high quality.

3)Shorten the time of harvest and provide earliness of product.

4)Increase resistance of the plants against to bad conditions.

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Recommended Application

Foliar spray at the rate is 1:1500-2000, 1.5 kg/ha every time.

Root irrigation rate :1:1200-1500.

Apply 3-4 times every season according to the crop season.


Packing Of  Animal Amino Acid Powder 80 Fertilizer:

It is available in following pack:

 Packing available

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Bulk Packing and Package Process Of  Animal Amino Acid Powder 80 Fertilizer:

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Storage Of  Animal Amino Acid Powder 80 Fertilizer:


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Beacon Documents:

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