Chlorine Free Type Plant Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer

Chlorine Free Type Plant Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer is an organic and inorganic compound formed by superposition and complexation of plant amino acid as matrix, using its huge surface activity and adsorption and retention ability, and adding nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, aluminium, boron, etc.) needed for human plant growth and development. This kind of fertilizer can not only maintain the slow release and full utilization of a large number of elements, but also ensure the stability and long-term effect of trace elements. It can enhance plant respiration, improve plant redox process and promote plant metabolism.

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Chlorine Free Type Plant Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer


Beacon chlorine free type plant amino acid powder fertilizer uses soybean protein as raw material and is refined by multi-step reaction using modern biotechnology. It is  yellow powder, with the unique aroma of amino acids, water good solubility. It is an ecological organic fertilizer that must be used in organic food bases, green food bases and pollution-free food bases.




Guaranteed Analysis





1)Chelate soil nutrients and stimulate root growth, making crops stable and long, with high fertilizer utilization and significant yield.

2)Improve the photosynthetic performance of crops, promote the transfer and transportation of photosynthetic products, improve crop quality and improve their commercial properties.

3)Improve the micro-domain environment of the crop rhizosphere, inhibit the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and have obvious effects against crops.

4)Combined with inorganic fertilizers, it can increase the synergistic effect of nutrients, and the effect of crop yield increase is extremely significant.

5)Long-term application makes the soil porous and loose, reduces the degree of soil compaction, and improves the soil's ability to retain fertilizer and water retention.

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Recommended Application

Apply 3-4 times every season according to the crop season. Root irrigation methods include spray irrigation, drip irrigation, and flow irrigation.



Packing Of  Chlorine Free Type Plant Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer:

It is available in following pack:

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