Plant Amino Acid Powder 60 Fertilizer

Plant amino acid powder 60 fertilizer is a fully soluble 60% complex amino acid powder with plant source, containing 17-18 kinds of amino acids. It is main raw material of amino acid foliar fertilizer, can also be directly applied to crops. It is applied by flushing fertilization, base fertilizer and base fertilizer, and is directly sprayed from amino acid solution.

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Plant Amino acid powder 60


Plant Amino acid powder 60 is one of the most popular products in amino acid list. It iis extracted from plant source, contains high content of amino acid nitrogen and protein, the product can be applied both in agriculture area and animal feed. Right now, the products are widely used by our customers with very good feedback.Plant source amino acid powder contains 16-18 types of compound amino acid, as well as many other types of microorganism metabolite that give the product very high bioactivity Amino acid fertilizer has been widely used, such as rice, corn, cotton, peanut, apple, pear, litchi, grapes and so on. It is necessary for crop growth. Amino acid fertilizer is sprayed on the crops, they will thrive, bear rich fruits.It not only can be used directly, but also be used as agents or additive of foliar fertilizer, fertigation, organic manures, trace element fertilizer, aquaculture fertilizer, as well as organic and inorganic compound fertilizer.



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Recommended Application

Foliar spray: diluted by 1:600-800, Can blend with other fertilizer

Drip irrigation: diluted by 1:200-300, As root fertilizer and soil nutrition inputs.

Base fertilizer: 10-15Kgs/Ha


Packing Of  Plant Amino acid powder 60:

It is available in following pack:

 500g aluminum foil colorful printing bags *24bags/carton (White carton with colorful label, printing carton), 500g plastic drum with two colorful label * 24 drum/carton  (White carton with colorful label, printing carton), 1kg aluminum foil colorful printing bags *12bags/carton, (White carton with colorful label, printing carton),
5kg aluminum foil colorful printing bags *4bags/carton (White carton with colorful label, printing carton), 10kg Pe / colorful woven bags with inner, 20kg kraft/woven colorful bag, 20kgs kraft bags or as per your request.

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Bulk Packing and Package Process Of  Plant Amino acid powder 60:

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Storage Of  Plant Amino acid powder 60:

It must be kept in sealed (air tight) containers at all times for its hygroscopic feature and should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a dry and cool place.

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