Micronutrient Fertilizers Have Attracted Increasing Concern And Attention

- Feb 08, 2019 -

In the research and development of new type fertilizers, the development and popularization of medium and trace elements fertilizers have attracted more and more attention. With the large-scale application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, the intensive agriculture, the development of facility agriculture, the increase of planting area of cash crops and fruits and vegetables, the obstacles to agricultural production are increasing, especially the increase of crop nutrition imbalance, which limits the further improvement of crop yield and quality. On the one hand, due to the adjustment of planting structure, the planting area of cash crops has increased, thus the requirements for crop quality and yield have been improved. On the other hand, the concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers is getting higher and higher. Because of the production process, the content of trace elements in high-concentration and large-scale fertilizers is lower. In addition, the amount of organic fertilizer is reduced, and the available trace elements in soil are even less. Therefore, it is particularly urgent to supplement trace elements in soil. The fertilizer of medium and micro nutrients has become the core technology of soil testing formula and balanced fertilization.

Need for balanced fertilization

Balanced fertilization is a comprehensive technology, which is established on the basis of the scientific development of soil science under the guidance of plant nutrition theory. The relationship among soil, fertilizer, plant and climate should be fully considered in balanced fertilization.

The core of balanced fertilization method is to determine the variety, proportion and amount of fertilizer. According to the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the annual soil survey area will exceed 400 million mu, and eventually reach 50% of the total cultivated land area in China. At present, the technology of soil testing and formula fertilization has been widely developed in China. According to the current demand of soil and crop for fertilizer, it is mainly to increase the addition and application of micronutrients. Among the nutrient elements, potassium fertilizer is the main one. Magnesium, sulfur, boron and zinc are emphasized in the medium and micronutrient elements, and silicon and selenium are emphasized in the beneficial elements.

Fertilizer utilization rate can be improved

In order to improve the utilization rate and efficiency of fertilizers, we must attach great importance to the use of chemical fertilizers under the current situation in China. On the one hand, "open source" should be emphasized, that is, increasing production and appropriate imports, increasing the effective supply of chemical fertilizers; on the other hand, "throttling" should be emphasized, that is, rational application, reducing losses and improving utilization efficiency, both of which should not be neglected.

Medium and trace elements can also improve plant disease resistance, drought resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and inadequate light intensity, and improve crop quality. For example, boron fertilizer can increase sugar content of beet from 15% to 16.4%. At present, many domestic research institutes and production units have a lot of data to prove that trace elements can greatly improve crop yield and quality as long as all kinds of crops are properly applied. People call trace element fertilizer "fertilizer concentrate with less consumption, less cost, convenient application and good effect".

Benefiting the Development of Low Carbon and Eco-agriculture

Eco-agriculture is a kind of agriculture that takes the theory of ecology as the leading factor, uses the method of system engineering, takes the rational use of agricultural natural resources and the protection of good ecological environment as the premise, and plans, organizes and carries out agricultural production according to local conditions. As the opposite of "petroleum agriculture", the concept emerged in thelate 1960s and is considered as an important stage of world agricultural development after petroleum. Mainly through improving the fixed rate and utilization rate of solar energy, the conversion rate of biological energy and the recycling utilization rate of waste, we can promote the recycling and multiple reuse of substances in the agricultural ecosystem, obtain as much output as possible with as little input as possible, and obtain the unified synthesis of production development, energy reuse, ecological environment protection and economic benefits. Sexual effects make agricultural production in a virtuous circle. Changing the current mode of "chemical fertilizer in the home, pesticide escort" to "ecological in the home, low carbon escort" is a new mode.

Become a Breakthrough in Marketing

Micronutrient fertilizers have become an indispensable factor in the development of fertilizers in China. Farmers can trust them as selling points. Some compound fertilizer enterprises have found a breakthrough in the marketing dilemma caused by product homogenization, which is a new opportunity brought by trace elements to compound fertilizer. For example, large-scale compound fertilizer enterprises such as Stanley and Jin Zhengda in Shandong Province have readjusted their formulation and production processaccording to the needs of soil, crops and market, and added medium and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, boron and silicon to develop new products and put them on the market. Magnesium, zinc, boron, silicon and other trace elements have good effects on crops and become new selling points of compound fertilizers.

Micronutrient fertilizers China 2019

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